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Aisha Sarwari is the author of three published books, a globally acclaimed public speaker, and is a diversity advocate. She believes the world is a better place with more leadership representation of women-of-color, and people from various socio-economic, and other excluded backgrounds.

Born in East Africa, Aisha’s formative years helped developed a keen understanding of class, race and gender divides. Her subsequent US-education allowed her to articulate the best way to be inclusive in organizations and government agencies.

She also has over 17+ years of professional experience as a communications leader in global organizations like VEON, USAID, Adam Smith International and UNCTAD funded, Her work took her to the US, Turkey, UAE and Pakistan. She has 500+ published and has featured in opinions for global media houses like the @guardian, @BBC, @TRTworld and @NPR.

Co-founder, WAH Women’s
Advancement Hub


Aisha Sarwari co-founded The Women’s Advancement Hub (WAH) that supports grassroots women and helps tell women’s stories across sections of society in Pakistan. She founded the organization with partner Shaista Aziz and looks to improve the narrative of women in the socio-economic context and also in terms of improving women’s legal status in the country.
Women Advancement Hub

The NGO works to reform all sections of society by passing on the mic to women to tell their own stories.

Under several anti-violence campaigns, women blame and shame and pity themselves. Sadly many women perpetrate violence on other women. Which is why the organisation is not a men vs women battle but a patriarchy vs equality battle that they feel everyone should benefit from.

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Aisha sarwari speaks on gender, inclusion,
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