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Malala is Invictus

There was a newspaper cartoon that depicted a woman in a burkah in the driver's seat, except that the car she was in was remote-operated. The remote control was firmly in a snarky man’s hands. Muslim majority countries run by men, fueled by a toxic mix of patriarchy and abuse of power,...

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Real mothers can be feminist too

The 'One size fits all' model doesn’t always lead to happiness, success, economic progress or even environmental sustainability. Yet it is proposed, enforced and demanded over and over. Lately, this has been a focus on the defense of the good old values and our culture. This means...

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Garlanding a rapist is bad politics

1976 film actress Shubnum Ghosh’s house was broken and entered into and a “dacoity” took place. This is a euphemism for rape. In that pre #metoo era this popular Bangladeshi film actress who made Lahore her home and Lollywood her profession lived on in Lahore. Even after the 1971...

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Being Pakistani is not Singular

What would it take for a modern Sufi to lose his optimism? A lot, it seems. Raza Rumi has published yet another book called, Being Pakistani, and it has three things that will come in handy this post-election season: the effortlessness and readability with which he defines what being...

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