Panel on the importance of digital content accuracy

LAHORE: the art of public speaking at a seminar said social media trolls are busy discrediting and putting women down; and acknowledged the vulnerability of all others owing to lack of online protection.

“Truth filters should be placed on social media; ” suggested columnist and author Aisha Sarwari while speaking in a session on ‘The Role of Social Media; at Asma Jahangir Conference. She said the existing laws represented how men saw the world.

Columnist and TV show host Wusatullah Khan said technology was a two-edged sword and the government used it to; “digitally chain” individuals carrying a mobile phone. So, He urge the government to inform journalists and other people. Thats why they were being punishing before penalising them. “The all-powerful governments must heed to this innocent demand,” he urged.

Novelist and journalist Muhammad Hanif said the youth needing to be guide on how to tweet. Similarly, He pointed out officials of security institutions for tweeting as late as 3am. Although, he said; “We should take a break some time.”ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD

Freedom Network Executive

Freedom Network Executive Director Iqbal Khattak said more and more journalists; being censore on mainstream media were now shifting to social media; and name Talat Hussain, Matiullah Jan, and Rauf Klasra. Further More, “The information on social media channels of journalists is not available on mainstream media,” he is adding.

Mr. Khattak the art of public speaking stressed that journalists should use virtual private network to stay safe. “If you are not digitally safe, you compromise your physical safety,” he said. “Online is the future.”

With a strong focus on the practical skills of public speaking and grounded in classical and contemporary theories of rhetoric. So, The Art of Public Speaking Counsling. 

Netherlands Human Rights Ambassador Dr Bahia Tahzib-Lie acknowledged the good work of digital safety training to journalists in Pakistan. That’s Why, “We should stand up for journalists and create more safe spaces.the art of public speaking”

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